Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank

Niyi Adesanya Business Think-Tank


The ‘Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank’ is a semi-formal gathering set to bridge this gap by guiding existing business owners and leaders in crafting its individual and business centennial Strategy Master Plan – 10, 25, 50 and 100 years – by putting into perspective its peculiar dynamic and evolving business environment.

Working together with you and your team, we will achieve this by guiding you through:

Connecting and building accountability partners with shared interests towards your ultimate goal.
End to end Planning, Visioning keeping in view with trends and predictions of future developments.
Enhancing your Business’ Competitiveness. Instill the needed thought process; infuse necessary systems and structures needed to sustainably grow your business, giving it the needed edge to compete even in the face of disruption and volatility.
Navigating internal and external Changes, Growth & Creatively think through new approaches.
Preparing and executing mitigation strategies prior to and in the event of crises and emergencies.
Conducting an organisational health check, assessing your workforce, systems and processes.
Re-evaluating your business Growth Strategies, ensuring it’s in line with the desired outcome of projected business structure and system.
Business/personal Mentoring and Leadership coaching

For effective implementation, the 9-month engagement programme will accommodate 10 slots per period and will feature out-of-base strategy sessions and a follow up retreat with Niyi Adesanya, his associates, partners and mentors.

These sessions would result in helping you asses the health of your business, its workforce, systems and processes. It will also provide you with unlimited access to business/personal mentoring and leadership coaching that enable you build structures within your business to enable it survive beyond a generation.

Here are the basic criteria necessary to qualify for membership:

  • Have a registered Limited Liability Company.
  • Capacity to travel anywhere in the world for our retreats.
  • Fulfill the investment obligations.

For more details please contact +234 803 304 2762, 809 201 7777 or

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