The Think Tank for Professionals is designed to help accelerate and advance the career growth of working professionals by guiding them through the process of securing career opportunities to fully utilize their training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of an organisation.

Mentoring- Access to field experts who can mentor professionals on topics such as career options, opportunities, and help them cultivate their skills and gain insight into organizational culture based on professional interests and cultural background.

Advisory- Advisory professionals will work with you to cut through the complexities of today’s rapidly changing workplace by leveraging the knowledge and skills across our global network of professional and field experts to develop practical recommendations designed to help you work smarter, perform better, grow faster and compete stronger.

Coaching- If you want to resolve a complex challenge, realise an inspiring ambition or you simply feel it’s time for a career change, the Think Tank programme takes professionals on an intense coaching session that will help them achieve outstanding and sustainable performance by releasing their innate creativity and spirit and enable them to reach their highest potential as professionals through experiencing new ways of being and doing.

Evaluation- Constant assessment of career goals, plans and targets by ensuring clear goals and strategies are in place and outcomes are achieved.

I have known Niyi Adesanya for over 12 years. Our mentor-protégée relationship has been of tremendous value to me. Niyi Adesanya is visionary minded, selfless, and committed to his network of mentees.
My initial close contact with him was through a public speaking engagement, where I learnt several career transforming concepts. This was a crucial point in my career where I needed to make a transition from a systems engineer role to a managerial role.
Communication skill is one of the topmost skills required to stand out as a successful manager. His mentorship and magnanimous extension of some of his speaking platforms afforded me the opportunity to stretch and hone my communication and public speaking skills.
I am very grateful for this relationship over the years, and so far, I’ve been committed to extending this same value to others as much as possible.
Mr. Niyi Adesanya is primed and positioned as a career enabler and I can see a multiplication of this success story in the very near future.
Chidinma Iwe
Head IT, Infrastructure
FBN Quest

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