The Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank came at a point where our business was on the verge of take off to the global market, the experience and engagement has helped us redefine and strengthen both our internal and external structure required to play well in the global market. We had restructuring in our management system, Instituted a formidable HR unit and optimized internal operations, also we had full diagnosis on the overall health of business as we have always wanted a brand that will last forever. It was an amazing opportunity and all our business have begun to experience an advance turn around. Result that even COVID 19 couldn't shake. Personally, the engagement has helped to broaden my desire to building a global renowned business out of Nigeria.
Wisdom Ezekiel
Executive Director, Pertinence Group
Although our company is one of a few well-run companies around, we desired much more and decided to sign up for the Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank in 2019. The resultant impact has been phenomenal. First, a staff audit was administered on our entire workforce by the FifthGear team and this gave us key insights into the health status of our organisation. A comprehensive report of all the functional units of our business was accompanied with smart recommendations, which has helped to reposition and restructure the business for long term growth and sustainability. We have taken very important decisions and commenced execution, some of which has brought order and progress to the organisation in few short months. I could never have asked for a better community of consultants than the NABTT. A big thank you to the Principal, Niyi Adesanya for his creative leadership and custom-based pieces of advice.
Oladipupo Clement
Founder/CEO, LIFEPAGE Group
The Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank has avail us the opportunity to begin the strategic positioning of our organization into a sustainable entity. It has been said that if you want to go far, go with people who knows how to get there, in less than a year of partnership, we have been able to identify key areas that requires attention which we have started working on. The support we have received so far is overwhelming that we have identify the next phase of our growth and expansion as an organization, it’s been a great journey so far and we’re eager to progress with the NABTT.
Peter Oketola
CEO, Blue Chip Technologies
As the Group Chief Executive Officer of our organizations, I registered for the Niyi Adesanya Business Think Tank and I can say of a truth that this is one of the wisest investment we have ever made. For the records, our business had been one of the very well run enterprises in our space but we desperately longed to scale. My relationship with him gave us that leverage very quickly. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, in the first half of this year only, we have generated turnover more than the last two years. The entire business group has been better structured for growth and scalability. We currently have 5 active divisions and subsidiaries led by different MDs. Others are gradually preparing for launch anytime soon. We now have a more professional and cohesive backend and frontend team, with each one playing their part. Engaging with Mr. Niyi Adesanya has truly been a game changer for my life and our business. 
Oladipupo Clement
Founder/CEO, LIFEPAGE Group
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