Business Sanctum

Engaging in a business coaching programme is one of the keys to running a successful business. It can accelerate the entrepreneur’s learning process through impacting of personal experiences, learning and insights on business endeavors.

Niyi Adesanya’s Business Sanctum is that programme designed with you and your business needs in mind, to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the much needed coaching and counsel as they wade through the challenges of building and growing a business in this ever disruptive economy.

The Business Sanctum will:

Provide a platform to obtain valuable advice from Niyi Adesanya, his associates, mentors and partners during the virtual exclusive business meetings.

Help you look at problems and situations from perspectivesthat you would not have thought of on your own.

Coach you through the process of developing the much needed business skills through our various training programmes.

Connect you with relevant persons and resources you need to make your business more successful.

Prepare you with a library of methods and strategiesthat you can pull from throughout your career as a business owner.

You also have the opportunity to create and build a long-lasting relationship for further collaboration.

Programme Design

This 100% online forum will feature series of group meetings and business skill trainings.

Subscription Plans

Payment Details

First Bank Nigeria | 2015852535 | Fifth Gear Consulting Company Limited


  • 2 Virtual private meetings
  • 90 days access NA Digital Library


  • 6 virtual private meeting
  • 90 days access to NA Digital Library
  • Personal Business Coaching

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