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My preface on Arise, O Compatriots book by Kenny Matti Perhaps, enough has been said about our ill policies and politics that have resulted in the terrible state of our economy. We have researched and reviewed, we have compared and complained, but we need to move from complaining to committing, and from analysis to action. That […]
But just as fuel without heat is never enough to make a fire, reading alone is never sufficient to establish one as a leader. You must act on what you read to make it a reality in your life. Always remember that life never pays you merely for what you know, but for the knowledge […]
The depth and width of a leader’s thinking determine the ideas that come to him. When you expand your mind, you automatically expand your capability of getting a bigger idea. The story is told of a fisherman who went fishing, taking his stick, hook and a bucket. A man standing by observed that whenever this […]
I first learnt about the wonderful drama surrounding the transformation of caterpillars to butterflies while growing up in West Africa. As a child I had chased butterflies, and in many cases followed them as far as my little legs could carry me. Today, as an adult, I watch these beautiful creatures flutter about with a […]
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