Arise, O Compatriots!

My preface on Arise, O Compatriots book by Kenny Matti

Perhaps, enough has been said about our ill policies and politics that have resulted in the terrible state of our economy. We have researched and reviewed, we have compared and complained, but we need to move from complaining to committing, and from analysis to action. That is exactly what this book is about.

When it comes to the subject of change, the average Nigerian is well familiar with the tune, and is quite brilliant at harping its melodies, but until we become more dynamic in our approach to the issue by making resolute decisions and taking crucial steps, we will remain dreamers of change rather than its champions.

As a Leadership Development expert, I have sacrificed much time on the altar of personal study in a bid to discover sustainable solutions to core leadership problems, especially as they relate to religious, corporate as well national and governmental entities. As a result, one of the best philosophies I have embraced is that of Daniel Patrick Moynihan who is renowned for two propositions that address the dynamics of change and development as an interplay/interaction between politics and culture.

According to Moynihan, the Central Conservative Truth is that culture, not politics, determines the success of a society. On the other hand, the Central Liberal Truth is that politics can empower culture and save it from itself. So while the citizens who embody the culture determine development of a nation, the leaders who play chief roles in politics can empower the citizens to achieve that development.

This book comes in handy as an empowerment tool for real change. It is quite strategic in its approach in that it seeks and in-reach before an outreach. As a resource material for national discipleship on culture, politics and democracy, it affords the reader adequate information for personal reflection and inward liberation before calling him to join a communal cause. You will find it confrontational – quickening your conscience about neglected responsibilities; motivational – spurring you to action; and rational – offering common sense practices as a guide to achieving the change that we all crave.

Perhaps, we have waited this long because our wishes and whims have always exceeded our determination and deeds. We have hitherto buried our dreams under the rocks of indifference and passivity. But we must all remember that only Nigerians can really build Nigeria; or to say it better, only patriotic Nigerians can really build Nigeria! And a true patriot does not pride himself in region or religion, but in the heritage of nationalistic identity evidenced and fostered by responsibility to the preservation and prosperity of his/her fatherland.

Kenny Matti has put it directly in the age-old cliché: the change starts with you. It is therefore imperative that you know how to make it happen – and go ahead to do it. This is even more interesting when we realize that we place more value on our rewards rather than our gifts because we invested ourselves in them.

This change will not come honorary to us; we must labour for it. Not that we will be violent, but we will be active. It will take some time, but it will save more time and even enrich our lives. Moreover, it is a noiseless change, but not a voiceless one. Both advocates and activists must be involved. The advocates will pave the way, and the activists will substantiate the cause. So we must each embrace our roles with pride so that we can bring home the spoils with joy.

In the end, as Albert Schweitzer puts it, I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

Get ready for a democratic revolution!

I believe in you.

Niyi Adesanya,

CEO, FifthGear Plus

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