When You are Told to Go – Seminar

When You are Told to Go - Seminar

Being unemployed is one of those undesirable states in our lives, either as a fresh graduate aspiring to join the labour market or as an active member of the market.

A clear understanding of retrenchment and its forming factors establishes the fact that no individual is immune to a job loss. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs and opportunities due to ignorance of what should drive their career and life within the corporate jungle.

This seminar is designed to introduce you to retrenchment and the experience of those who have gone through it. Knowledge is a great fortification and it sure comes in handy when the time for application ever rises.

Focus Areas

  • What you should know about Retrenchment
  • Permutation on Retrenchment
  • Experiences from Retrenchments
  • Circles of Emotions
  • Proven Strategies to get you prepared

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