Keeping your Business in Business

By the end of August this year, it would be exactly one year ago since the recent economic recession in Nigeria was officially declared, although statistics show that it is older.

No doubt, the weather has been very harsh on businesses, and some have even succumbed to the highly negative pressures. In fact, it was reported that more than 270 manufacturing companies folded up as at last year, and many more were already considering the option due to unbearable losses.

Since the economic downturn, more companies have already resorted to the traditional survival tactic of cutting costs or increasing prices, both being dicey options, as the first results in compromise in quality of products and services, while the latter reduces patronage and relinquishes customers loyalty.

Whether there is a better way out of the terrible situation that has made competition fiercer (like the battle between Pepsi and Coca-cola), is what the KEEPING YOUR BUSINESS IN BUSINESS SUMMIT is all about.

This one-day interactive conference is designed to help you turbocharge your business amidst unfavourable conditions as you rub minds with top players from various industries on how to:

  • Make the all-crucial transition from Competing to Pacesetting
  • Ride on the economic waves to turn business weaknesses and threats in your favour
  • Create and execute guerrilla tactics to establish Marketplace dominance

Besides, do you know that when the recession begins to phase out, new ideas and innovations will emerge, leading to more businesses and even more intense competition in the marketplace?

Perhaps, we have not seen the end of it all, but with an anchor on facts and figures while also leveraging on the experience and expertise of professionals and magnates who have turned economic tides in their favour, we can plan for the worst and hope for the best that the future holds.

Our Guest Speakers include:

  • Akinwande Ademosun – MD, Credit Direct
  • Femi Osibona – MD, Fourscore Homes Ltd
  • Elvis Daniel, Director – Brand and Experience, 9mobile
  • Richard Nyong – MD, Lekki Gardens
  • Niyi Adesanya – CEO, FifthGear Plus

This summit is strictly for smart business owners to whom success is non-negotiable.

To participate, you must have been in business for a minimum of five years and with five or more employees in your workforce.

Do you qualify? Then proceed to register by filling the few boxes below.

Details of costs and payment procedures will be sent to you on confirmation of your registration.

For more information, please send a mail to or call 08175403366.
Welcome to the Premier Economic Summit for Master Planners!