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I Help Individuals and Organisations achieve and sustain Peak Performance

With an average of more than 100 presentations annually, Niyi is recognised as one of Nigeria’s foremost pragmatic and inspirational speakers, and a leading voice on Leadership Development in the country.

Since commencing his professional career in 2005, he has spoken in over 65 tertiary institutions and delivered keynote speeches to top officials of various institutions, including multinationals like Chevron, Etisalat, Seven-Up Bottling Company, and so on.

As a renowned Performance Strategist, Niyi speaks on key Life Mastery subjects including Leadership, Mastering Change, Peak Performance, Individual Competitiveness, and so on. He is a faculty member of various institutions in the country including the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy.

He developed and executed a competitiveness upgrade concept that helped a telecoms company strengthen its connection to their target consumers leading to a massive sustainable boost in their income within a five-year period.

Niyi is also an Author, Entrepreneur, Founder at The Speaker Academy and The Marketplace Academy, as well as CEO, FifthGear Plus; an avant-garde Consulting, Recruiting and Publishing firm with the mandate to help organisations optimise their corporate potential, with clients including at least one of top three organisations in major sectors of the economy.

He currently hosts the radio show “Marketplace Essentials with Niyi Adesanya” through which he guides MSME owners to discover solutions to their everyday challenges in business.

Niyi’s leadership acumen has been felt on a more personal level as coach to top executives and politicians.


The Leadership bootcamp was indeed a nutrient that was required to rectify a deficiency, although the testimony about my wife will not be completed without acknowledging some inputs from the Speaker Academy

Here are some of the turnovers we got from the event:

1. Improved human relationship.
2. Ability to deal with people of different personality types.
3. Discovery of untapped/hidden potential.
4. My wife’s new passion to pursue her purpose and dreams.
5. An unusual ability to be goals oriented.
6. Encourage our children to be the best they can be.
7. Improved self-esteem.
8. My wife has developed a leadership mentality.
9. Ability to acquire her dream clientele for her business.
10. I have a better wife😀

Here is a practical example to buttress what I have listed above;

Our church started a nursery and primary school in Ibadan last year September and my wife was appointed as the administrator of the school. She was able to administer the school in such a way that the school has become the envy of other schools in the city through the innovative leadership skills she has acquired.

I will like to say a big thank you to the Niyi Adesanya brand for bringing out our hidden potentials.

Peter and Kemi Oketola MD Blue-Chip Technologies

Niyi Adesanya On ``The Speaker``

Alongside the fear of death, public speaking ranks amongst the top 10 greatest fears many people have. People would rather ‘die’ than speak before a crowd. In our ever-changing world where all you do revolves around how you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, public speaking is inevitable.

“The Speaker” is that step by step guide that addresses public speaking as well as the many facets of corporate presentation.

One of the aims of this book is to play the “economic” role of influencing people to optimise and put commercial value on their speaking talent.

This book will in many ways help you recognise your presentation challenges and inspire you to create your own ‘WOW’ presentation.

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