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The Niyi Adesanya Leadership Bootcamp is a 2-day premium refuelling and rejuvenating mid-year programme that provides Managers, Supervisors, Team leads, C- suite Executives, Business owners and Directors with essential skills for leading others in and out of the workplace. This highly interactive programme will enables participants to hone and practice key leadership skills in a fun, non-threatening learning environment.

Leadership Bootcamp 2.0 will provide an opportunity for leaders to dig deeper into their personal leadership skills and understand how to leverage on changing technologies to their advantage. The Bootcamp is focused on leading both self and others, by cultivating an awareness and application of key personal assets towards effective leadership skills.

The tickets below

What you stand to gain as a Premium ticket holder

  • Exclusive Entrance
  • Exclusive Seating arrangement
  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Certificate of participation
  • Exclusive Q/A sessions with the Facilitators
  • Combo Participants’ pack
  • Individual photo Session with the Facilitators
  • Post-training evaluation to monitor delegates growth progress
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What you stand to gain as Regular Ticket holder

  • Tea Break and Lunch
  • Participant Pack
  • Certificate of participation
How did you know about Leadership Bootcamp2.0? FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterEmailWord of MouthFlierSMSLeadership Bootcamp 1.0

The Leadership bootcamp was indeed a nutrient that was required to rectify a deficiency, although the testimony about my wife will not be completed without acknowledging some inputs from the Speaker Academy

Here are some of the turnovers we got from the event:

1. Improved human relationship.
2. Ability to deal with people of different personality types.
3. Discovery of untapped/hidden potential.
4. My wife’s new passion to pursue her purpose and dreams.
5. An unusual ability to be goals oriented.
6. Encourage our children to be the best they can be.
7. Improved self-esteem.
8. My wife has developed a leadership mentality.
9. Ability to acquire her dream clientele for her business.
10. I have a better wife😀

Here is a practical example to buttress what I have listed above;

Our church started a nursery and primary school in Ibadan last year September and my wife was appointed as the administrator of the school. She was able to administer the school in such a way that the school has become the envy of other schools in the city through the innovative leadership skills she has acquired.

I will like to say a big thank you to the Niyi Adesanya brand for bringing out our hidden potentials.

Peter and Kemi Oketola MD Blue-Chip Technologies

Thank you so much, we got the feedback that the training was beyond words.

Well done for the good job

More blessings!

Onyinye H. Chukwudum. HR Manager, Daystar Christian Centre.
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